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It’s NessaSary

As an artist, the music is what keeps you. It encourages you during the troubling times, it helps you tell your story to the masses. Music for an artist it the total expression of their soul…. NessaSary embodies all these areas, and more. And you’ll hear even more from her words….. UT: It seems that you’ve made many sacrifices prior to getting to this season of your career. Would you say that it was “NessaSary” for that to occur? NS: Unfortunately, it was necessary for me to have to leave…

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Literary Treasures 

Author Yvonne N Pierre

Your writings are very powerful and seem to captivate and draw readers into the story. How do you do it? That’s a great question. Hmmm, how do I do it? I guess by allowing myself to be vulnerable and tap into the emotions of the characters. I allow myself to go where they are. For example, if the character is depressed, I allow myself to go into what that feels and looks like. If I’m not careful, I often become depressed. For me, it’s the same as an actor when…

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